Game Review: Sims Carnival Bumperblast

From the creators of the beloved Sims games comes the latest installment—Sims Carnival Bumperblast.

Sims Carnival Bumperblast is a shoot ‘em up carnival game that is a blast! Shoot and tag Sims bumpers, but don’t forget to look out for those dangerous traps or black holes.

Clear the bumpers before you run out of time and advance your way to the next level. Sims Carnival Bumperblast has over 140 levels in 2 fun-filled game modes, so the fun can never end!

Enjoy Sims Carnival Bumperblast again and again as your master tough skills shots, score combos and bonuses and aim for that all-mighty high score.

Sims Carnival Bumperblast allows you to track your progress on the Medal Meter and achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond score. You can even earn and display 24 special trophies.

The fun continues when you unlock all the levels in Sims Carnival Bumperblast—bonus levels can keep the play going on for hours.